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5 Self-Care Tips for Men (This One's for the Guys!)

As much as I love girl talk, let’s face it, the guys deserve attention as well. That’s why today’s blog is for all the men out there. Guys, let’s talk about self-care! Too often, that’s a term that gets thrown around as something that only women need, but the truth is that men need self-care just as much. Try out these five fun and easy tips for a manly self-care routine that will be a boost for your mental and physical health.

1. Make Time to Get Physical

Maybe you’re a gym rat, and maybe you’re allergic to exercise. The fact is that, for men, finding time to get exercise while balancing your professional and personal life can be a challenge. But it’s so important! Taking care of your body by getting some exercise every day will help you feel good, be physically healthy, build your self-esteem, and even support your mental well-being. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Even finding time to take a 20-minute walk in between meetings can reduce stress and keep you feeling good.

2. Start a Good Sleep Routine

Sleep is another thing that tends to get lost in the rat race. In today’s hustle culture, some people think that taking an “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” attitude indicates a good work ethic. It’s simply not the case! Humans need sleep, period. By getting your regular eight hours at the same time each night, you’re preparing yourself to be the best you can be during those waking hours. Make sure to prioritize it.

3.Try Journaling

Expressing yourself is extremely important. Our society doesn’t allow men to express themselves enough, but a great and easy way to start is by simply keeping a journal. No one is going to read it but you, so the pressure’s off. You may be surprised by what you can learn about yourself and how great it feels to get things off your chest and organize your thoughts.

4.Stay Well Groomed

There’s so much about male grooming that men are left to figure out for themselves. Having a good grooming routine, which might include the occasional manicure, a good skincare routine, body hair maintenance, and regular haircuts with a stylist you like are a way to look and feel great. Gone are the days of the charming bed-headed caveman. A good grooming routine should be part of any man’s self-care.

5. Cosmetic Treatments Are Not Just for the Ladies!

Men want to feel good, be confident, while retaining a masculine look, and cosmetic procedures are a great option. At MirrorMirrorMD Luxury Aesthetics Medspa, we understand the unique contours of the male face and can tailor procedures to you so you’ll look youthful, fresh, but still masculine. Check out our men’s page for examples of what we can do for you.

To all the guys out there, and all the ladies, too, you know you always have a friend in Dr. G!


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