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5 Ways to Practice Emotional Self-Care as a Busy Mother

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What don’t mothers do, am I right? Moms spend a lot of time caring for their kids and the people around them, and too often, they don’t have any time for themselves at the end of the day. But self-care is so important! I always think of the flight attendants at the beginning of flights: if you haven’t put on your own oxygen mask first, how can you be expected to help your kids or people around you do it?

Finding the time to care for your mental well-being can be hard, but it’s absolutely worth doing. Take a look at a few of these ideas to take care of your emotional health this Mother’s Day and beyond.

1.Explore the World of Aromatherapy

Keeping essential oils and other mood-boosting scents around the house can be a great way to feel more relaxed, and it’s easy to do. Try leaving little bottles of lavender or peppermint in places where you know you’ll be stressed. Not only will the scents help you feel better, taking that moment to really stop and breathe in the scent will help you build mindfulness.

2.Ask Yourself on a Date

There’s never going to be a “convenient” time to practice self-care. It feels like you have no time, and yet somehow, all the meetings, events, and activities you put into your calendar get done. Schedule a date for yourself to practice self-care. Get a babysitter, make a plan to enjoy a massage or a movie, and stick with it. The benefits will stay with you even after the scheduled date has come and gone!

3.Make Time to Connect

Too often we neglect our social life because other things take priority. But studies show that we are social animals and that being social is vital to our mental health. Make time each week, whether it be while the kids are studying, at soccer practice, or have already gone to bed, to connect with friends and family. Even adding one phone call a week to your routine can make a big difference!

4.Practice Mindfulness

Many people think that to get the benefits of mindfulness, we need to take a large chunk of time out of our day to meditate. Meditation is great, but you can practice mindfulness even when you’re busy! Take a few moments every now and then to really focus on what you’re experiencing around you, and try to focus on your breathing. Over time you start to be more in the present without even noticing it.

5.Learn Something New

Keeping your brain active is a great way to practice emotional self-care. And learning doesn’t need to take up a huge portion of your day! Always wanted to learn a language? Use an app in small moments of downtime. Learning to play keyboard? Get headphones and get on Youtube. Making time to learn something new is a great commitment to yourself and your emotional well-being.

Happy Mother’s Day! Keep stopping by for more self-care tips from your friend, Dr. G!

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