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Your Physician

Dr. Kimberly Gilbert

Dr. Kimberly Gilbert is a board-certified physician, best-selling author, and entrepreneur. She completed medical school at LSU Medical School in New Orleans, LA, before moving to Atlanta to complete her residency at Emory University.

Dr. Gilbert has always had a passionate desire to help people achieve their vision of their best self.  She understands that for many, how you look is how you feel, and that looking the way you desire can truly impact your physical and emotional health. That led to her decision to undergo intensive training and become certified in advanced nonsurgical aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Gilbert provides top notch care and customer service to every single client she serves.

In addition to her professional responsibilities, Dr. Gilbert feels a social responsibility to help others. She does so by supporting several local and national organizations, with a particular passion for helping children, people with physical or mental disabilities, and rescued animals.

Reserve an appointment today and find out why Dr. Gilbert is considered a top physician by clients and peers alike!

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