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Mornings Matter: Establishing a Confidence-Boosting Routine

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Mornings Matter

Did you know that your morning sets the tone for the whole day? This probably isn't welcome news if you're not much of a morning person. Fortunately, you don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to meditate for an hour to benefit from a solid morning routine (although you're more than welcome to do so if that's your thing!).

So why are mornings so important? I'm glad you asked. Making a conscious effort to jumpstart your day with a positive routine can leave you feeling healthier, younger, and more vibrant. It also helps you look and feel more confident and attractive! Here are a few simple ways to start changing up your mornings so you can thrive all day long.

Stop hitting snooze

Tapping the snooze button one (or three) times may seem like a harmless habit, but you're actually setting yourself up for failure. I know this isn't a popular opinion, but I'm telling you because I care! By ditching the snooze button and waking up at your first alarm, you'll be more energized, and you'll start your day looking less groggy.

Turn down the shower temp

Okay, okay! Please don't shoot the messenger. I know most people love a hot shower, but hear me out. You can enjoy warm water without going crazy. Cranking the heat up too high can cause skin inflammation, pain, red patches, and burning. You'll feel better when you cool things down a bit, and your skin will appear more radiant.

Eat a healthy meal

You need to start your day with a good breakfast, and munching on a toaster pastry on your morning commute isn't going to cut it. Don't worry - I'm not asking you to get up and prepare a gourmet meal. Simply spending an extra 5-10 minutes so you can sit down with yogurt, fruit, or whole grain oatmeal can make a huge impact on your overall health. The things we eat impact everything from our fingernails and hair to our digestive health, so make good choices!

Be smart with caffeine

One great way to begin your day is with a cup of coffee. The caffeine can perk you up, and the aroma warms your soul. Just be careful not to overdo it. Not only does an excess of caffeine leave you jittery, but it can also reduce collagen production. Achieving the correct balance will allow you to be energized without succumbing to premature wrinkles.

Go outside

Fresh air is fantastic for your skin! Stepping outside for even a couple of minutes can open up and unclog your pores for a happier, healthier, more beautiful face.


While you're out there - get a little exercise! If you're a morning person, dedicate some time to a daily workout. If you're not, I encourage you to try doing a few jumping jacks and stretches to get your heart pumping and blood circulating.

Little changes to your morning routine can add to big changes in your daily life. You're going to look better, feel younger, and enjoy a lot more pep in your step!

Don't forget to stop regularly for more useful health and beauty suggestions from your friend – Dr. G!

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